Frequently Asked Questions -


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When can I drop by children off and when do I pick them up?


Drop off begins at 8:30am and all campers will be dismissed and picked up at 3pm.  Please be sure to sign your child in each morning and out each afternoon. Please be prepared with photo ID at pick up. Please let us know in advance if your camper will be picked up else.

How does lunch work?


Lunch break/ Intermission will be at 11:45am each day. Campers need to bring a packed lunch each day and a refillable water bottle to drink throughout the day. Snacks will be for sale during snack break and lunch for a small fee.

When do I get the camp t-shirt?


Camp shirts will be distributed on Friday afternoon at the end of the camp day. Campers will wear their shirts in the final showcase performance on Friday evening.

Are costumes used for the performances?


There are no formula costumes needed for the showcase performance. We do allow campers to bring personal props for their skits if needed but please label all props with your name. Counselors and staff are not responsible for any outside items brought to camp. Please ensure that all props are appropriate to the theme and subject matter.

Final Showcase?  What time? Who can come?

The week ends with our Finale Showcase at 6pm on Friday night of each week. It is open to families and friends of the performers and is free of charge. Please come cheer and support your budding perfomers.

How do the weekly themes work?
Each week performers will be exposed to an awesome theme or musical. They will learn songs and dances from the theme. They will then possibly write or learn short skits and performer them in the final showcase.
How are the age groups divided?

Performers are broken into 3 age groups: 5-6yrs, 7-9yrs and 10-12yrs. They are then broken into smaller groups within their age groups.